The Story of the Maneki Neko, the Beckoning Cat

Those who have travelled in the Far East will be familiar with the figure of the beckoning cat, or Maneki Neko, who is to be found in shops and homes all over Asia.

Less known is his charming story, which originated in the 17th century during the Edo period in Japan. While it sounds like a myth or a legend, the people in it were real and the places where it happened are still there today.

We felt that the time is right to bring the story of Tama the Cat to the West, and so this small book was born.

Robert Ogden & Julia Preston
Hardback: £12 plus £2 p&p (ISBN 978-0-9557962-1-0)   
Paperback: £7 plus £2 p&p (ISBN 978-0-9557962-0-3)
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