Jewellery can be subject to wear and tear and in our experience, rings are the most vulnerable items.

Our team of designer craftsmen can expertly repair most damaged pieces, using the very same skills that originally crafted them. They will also breathe new life into forgotten heirlooms. Great Granny's favourite brooch might not suit younger tastes but can be updated. The lovely swag pendant to the right started life around 1910 as a brooch. We have remodelled it as a pendant, giving it a second lease of life.

Estimates for repair and redesign are free of charge. 

Pearl necklaces usually need to be restrung every 12 to 18 months if you wear them frequently. An indication of wear are gaps between the pearls and a discolouring of the silk thread. Our highly skilled pearl stringers will undertake fittings on the premises for choker necklaces (by appointment).