“My first experience of buying diamonds on the internet was a bit like buying a cheap flight,” says Robert Ogden.

“The diamonds which were offered at the lowest prices on the net always seemed to have been sold and
the stones that were actually available cost a lot more. As a retailer I was not able to compete with the
lowest priced diamonds on offer but was able to be competitive with the diamonds that were actually
available to be purchased.

It would be a misconception to think that because something can be bought on the internet that it will be cheaper - even though the fact
that you can compare the various prices does help to give you an idea
of what you may need to spend on certain stones. At a seminar at one
of the major jewellery shows in the USA we were told that the most successful diamond website in the USA sells diamonds at an average profit margin of 30 per cent. I must admit I found this surprisingly high.

Many of the finest jewellery shops in the world are situated in and around the Burlington Arcade so we always had to be competitive. In the case of loose diamond sales I pledge that I will do my best to find quality diamonds over one carat at a price competitive to diamonds available on the internet.”

* * * * *

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